” Professor Musa you are not only a medium, but an amazing and insightful psychic.within minutes my breath was taken away. You nailed my past and freed me of the demons. I was able to let go of the ashes of my loved one, (I’ve had them for 2 years). You helped me so much with your positive insights and energy .Your guidance and advice has removed the dark spot in my heart. I am forever grateful to you for pointing me in the positive direction of life! Your inspirational quotes make my day.

Brena, All the best to the best! – New York City 2016

” Before I met Professor Musa , I had anxiety, depression and panic disorder , I suffered a significant loss of someone I loved dearly and had been suppressing that pain for over ten years. After my first reading with Professor Musa I felt like a new person and a weight was lifted off of my shoulders told me things I've never told anyone. I don't know what I would do without this man. He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I'm so grateful for him and the peace he has brought me.

Nicole Williams – New Jersey 2016

” I am just reflecting on our conversation yesterday, Professor Musa , and just want to tell you how blessed if feel to have meet you. You have helped me understand the people I love the most and also have made me feel more confident in myself. That is a true gift and am very thankful.thank god for that as I can imagine you have helped people that are more in need and have made great life changes for them. God bless you.

Helen – Sydney Australia 2016

” Professor Musa thanks for a very wise reading yestarday. I just want to tell you that you opened up/made visible some universial truth that no one had spoken before in a language that felt so right inside me. Your more than a medium, but a moderne wise-man. And what you said about my mother got behind everything i have realised before. Thanks again, for seeing a new level in my life! You are such a fine man!

Mette – Norway 2015

” I first met Professor Musa while taking a solo adventure to Bali I said I would be led to all the right spiritual connections and I trusted that I would be guided to whom I was to meet. Little did I know that my adventure would cause me to form such a beautiful connection with this gift and blessing- Professor Musa . Over many years Professor Musa has healed our hearts and guided me and many of my dearest friends and family to inner peace. His gift has helped us grow and expand our view of ourselves and others . Professor Musa is a blessing to all that have the honor to be in his presence

Stacey Gottula , Los Angeles 2016

” Day : 1 I had come to know of Professor Musa from a very close person I had lost my husband suddenly I was quite anxious to meet Professor Musa because I wasn’t quite sure what to expect . What came next was surely so much more than I could have hoped for in the reading, I was told things that unless you lived with me, he couldn’t have known - tangible real examples of things that occurred in my daily life. He never asked me for particulars; he asked me not to give information as he wanted to be sure that he could communicate to me in a way that I knew was real and true. There was not one thing that was said to me that seemed vague or disconnected or general. Through this communication, I was able to provide closure for my children, my parents, and my niece but most importantly for myself. Professor Musa conveyed my husband’s loving reassuring sentiments .I cannot fully articulate what these words meant to me. I felt alive and joyful again. I walked out of the session feeling an incredible sense of peace – a feeling of serenity I had not felt in almost a year. Nevertheless, I can say that his gift has changed my life profoundly and that I am ever grateful that he has chosen to share his gift with us (me). Thank you Professor Musa sending blessings to you and your family.

Ilean Polverine , Florida 2016

” Day 2 : The day after my reading, I sat in on my Mother’s reading with Professor Musa . Her reading was vastly different from mine. He was able to talk to her like he was able to look into her heart and her mind it was as if he had known her all her life. He was able to help her envision her future and assist her in clarifying things she had already suspected but never had the courage to confront. My Grandmother passed away when my Mother was 7 years old. Her life had been marked in such a way that still today at 68 she has never fully recovered from that loss. Professor Musa was able to describe to her the circumstances surrounding her passing. This was quite remarkable to witness as I felt I could literally see my Mom become lighter and for the healing process to begin. I will continue to see Professor Musa time and time again, so long as he allows me to. I urge any of you who are non-believers or feeling reluctant, to give it a chance. He delivers his message surrounded in positivity and light. You will be glad you opened your hearts and your minds to the experience; your lives will be the better for it, I know mine is.

Ilean Polverine , Florida 2016

” Dear Professor Musa , I know that you have many appreciative clients. I just wanted to thank you for successfully predicting the auto accident that just happened to my partner's son on Monday night. I was prepared emotionally for it. What a wonderful gift you have. You are amazing and I am so thankful for your guidance.

Cynthia – Connecticut 2015

” Thank you and Professor Musa for a glorious day that I will remember all the days of my life. I feel tonight been given a tremendous gift by meeting you , I am not the man I was prior to this afternoon....and I mean that in the most humble and grateful sense. As long as I can remember, I have felt the presence of those that have gone before...and I was so deeply moved by Professor Musa 's reinforcement of my beliefs. It was without a doubt, one of the most profound days of my life, and I will be forever grateful to you. Each life touches so many others...and you have left an indelible mark on mine.

John – New York 2015

” I just recently attend an expo, I had a 15 minute reading with Professor Musa (I think he also gave me some extra minutes!). Well, he was amazing. He nailed everything about me ,my current situation past and present and future potentials. To say that he lifted me out of some darkness and confusion would be an understatement. Thank you Professor Musa for your gift and great heart.I really appreciate it.Blessings to you and what you do.

B.Durham – New Life Expo N.Y.C 2015

” Hi Professor Musa ! I just wanted to thank you not only for my own amazing reading and your generosity in doing readings for Mark/Stefanie and Toni. I know that it helped them tremendously and am so grateful for that. It's been a long time coming and hopefully this will begin a road to much needed healing for them. Sending you blessings and Happy New Year!

Best, Billy – California 2015

” Upon meeting Professor Musa who I knew straight away that I wasn’t wasting my money. He knew straight away what was happening in my life and what was coming in the future. He knew in depth detail what I was feeling and what I was going through in that point in my life. It was actually kind of freaky that he knew so much. He gave me the courage and strength to make the right choice in my life and for that I am a better person. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Anthony Bekiaris- Double Bay Sydney 2014

” Professor Musa , It was truly a pleasure to meet you and I pray God bestows many blessings to you I think about all that you told me every day. I won't ever forget You gift is amazing and blesses people every day. Thank you for blessing my life!

Kara – Los Angeles 2014